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Electrigaz Team

Eric Camirand, Eng., President

Mr. Camirand holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montréal. Throughout his junior years Mr. Camirand piloted various engineering projects for corporations such as Pétro-Canada, Hong Kong Airport Authorities and Canadian Airlines.

As founder and CEO of Cinax Designs, a Vancouver based video compression software development firm, Mr. Camirand led the company through steady growth that culminated in the merger with Ravisent Technologies of Pennsylvania.

Since then, Mr. Camirand has been active in the renewable energy sector as member of the Quebec caucus for the Canadian Wind Energy Association and more recently as founder-president of the Biogaz Quebec Association.

In 2005, Mr. Camirand founded Electrigaz Technologies, a firm specialized exclusively in the study, design and realization of biogas energy systems .

Based near Montréal, Electrigaz delivers biogas studies and project development services worldwide to various clients such as food processors, farmers, waste management companies, government agencies and municipalities .

As President of Electrigaz Technologies, Mr. Camirand is leading a young and passionate team of engineers dedicated to find solutions to the 21st century energy and environmental challenges.

Nathalie Garceau, Eng., VP Marketing

Nathalie completed a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at Laval University and a Master's Degree in Applied Science at UBC.  For several years, Nathalie worked at Sandwell Engineering where she acquired valuable design, project management and site supervision experience. Over the years, Nathalie has pursued her practical education in the fields of agriculture and green marketing.   

François Handfield, Jr.Eng., Project Manager

François holds a degree in Bio-Resources Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. With a strong background in farming, François offers down-to-earth practical biogas engineering solutions to biogas engineering challenges.

Raphaël Duquette, Jr. Eng., Project Manager

Raphael holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Université de Sherbrooke. Raphael brings to Electrigaz considerable process engineering experience acquired while working for Xstrata Cuivre and Ultramar (refinery).

Patrick Simard, Mechanical Engineering Technician

Patrick is a certified mechanical engineering technician bringing hands-on solutions to Electrigaz engineering team and clients. Patrick is also an accomplished CAD draftsman.



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