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Electrigaz Partners:


Krieg & Fischer is an experienced engineering firm specialized in the design and engineering of biogas systems. K&F have designed, built and commissioned hundreds of biogas plants worldwide.



BioMil AB is a Swedish engineering company with over 30 years of experience providing sustainable solutions for the biogas industry. BioMil offers technical consulting services, environmental and economical analyses of biogas and biomethane systems. BioMil cumulates numerous reference projects including a wide range of engineering mandates from preliminary studies and design to construction supervision and project commissioning.


MacLeod Agronomics provides practical, agri-environmental support for Canadian agricultural development projects. Moreover, the firm offers considerable expertise in the quantification of greenhouse gas reduction projects. While decreasing the overall environment footprint of Canadian agriculture is a major goal for MacLeod Agronomics, a strong focus is also placed on assisting agri-producers and agri-businesses in growing farm-gate revenues with the adoption of sustainable production practices and systems.


Acesa is an infra-stucture and energy consulting group based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Acesa is focused on the development of bio-refineries and the energetic applications of biogas in urban and agricultural sectors of the Latin American economy.



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