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Electrigaz publications on biogas production and anaerobic digestion:

Electric cars economical analysis as a solution for renewable energy in Quebec, Salon des technologies environnementales du Québec, Quebec, March 2010

Mandatory biomethane mix in the Canadian natural gas network, Growing the margins conference, London ON, March 2010

Mobile biogas plant economics,Biocycle conference, California, April 2009

Technical and economical challenges of building a mobile biogas plant, Growing the margins conference, London ON, March 2009

Economical viability of upgrading farm biogas for thermal or automotive applications , Biocycle conference, Wisconsin, October, 2008

On farm energy production, Conférence énergie à la ferme, St-Jean-Richelieu, 2008

Biogas investment opportunities, Biofinance conference, Toronto, 2008

Farm based biogas projects in Ontario, Toronto International Agricultural show 2008

Perspectives for biomethane production and resell in the Fraser Valley, Agricultural BC show, 2008

Anaerobic digestion technologies, Quebec Liberal Party congress, 2008

Prospects of anaerobic digestion potential of organic materiel and biogas energy valorization for various Canadian markets, Salon TEQ, Quebec, 2008,

Economical viability of upgrading farm biogas to sell energy directly to consumers over the natural gas grid, Growing the margins, London ON, 2008,

Economical viability of biogas production from energy crops, Growing the margins, London ON, 2007

Climat change and anaerobic digestion, APCAS, Air et changements climatiques, 2007

Biogas principles, CRAAQ, Journée sur la méthanisation, 2007



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