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Organic municipal solid waste (OMSW)

Anaerobic digestion of organic municipal solid waste (OMSW) is often preferred to composting because of odor issues related to composting of food waste.

The organic fraction of the MSW is either collected separately or is mechanically sorted out at the biogas plant.

Anaerobic digestion of OMSW is a challenging proposition because of contaminants (chemical, metal, plastic, etc.) and seasonal fluctuation of quality and quantities fed into the anaerobic digesters.

Electrigaz offers highly specialised biogas engineering expertise to municipality contemplating this avenue.

Careful study and planning (technical and financial) is paramount to the success of a OMSW biogas plant.

Electrigaz can support municipalities with tender documentation development, interpretation of received proposals and negotiation with biogas plant suppliers.

Electrigaz also offers optimization and troubleshooting of municipal anaerobic digestion systems.



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