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Landfill gas

Landfill gas is captured by installing, during fill up, or by drilling gas extraction wells (perforated pipes) into the landfill. Using gas blowers, negative pressure is applied to the underground pipes to migrate biogas into the capture system towards a biogas destruction (flare) or energy utilisation site (CHP).

Electrigaz offers biogas extraction, treatment and utilization engineering services. Moreover, Electrigaz designs anaerobic digestion systems to treat landfill leachate.

Landfill gas can be used to generate heat and/or electrical power (CHP) or can be upgraded to a renewable natural gas (biomethane) for injection into the gas grid or utilization into the transport applications.

Electrigaz has also developed expertise in using landfill cells as anaerobic digester to treat liquid waste (grease trap, leachate, etc.) in a landfill cell to generate additional gate fees, increase landfill biogas production and reduce operational cost.



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